Taking care of time consuming Google & Facebook Ads tasks while you take care of business...

Here's just some of tasks we can do... 
(so you don't have to)

Create first class ad copy 
Setup new campaigns
Make attractive ad images 
Reduce wasted ad spend
Analyse competitors 

All at a much lower price than hiring 
an agency or employing someone full time

Using AdAdmins is like having an extra pair of hands...

Digital advertising is becoming increasingly important these days... 

There's a continual demand to make sure there's a never-ending flow of leads or sales.

Even changes such as Google or Facebook changing their interface or ad policy changes can put a huge amount of pressure on people. This means the pressure on your digital marketing team (if you're lucky enough to have one) increases by the day.

We totally understand this. We've been there ourselves.

Your most dedicated members of your team end up trying to spread themselves too thinly which can lead to mistakes, or even worse - burnout.
Staff members get fed up and leave which obviously results in even bigger problems.

Have you ever had to recruit somebody while the walls are falling down around you? It's not pretty...

The solution may be to hire additional staff but there's a massive skill shortage when it comes to good digital/PPC talent, especially if they have specialist skills.

Growing your business online shouldn't be an uphill battle

Hiring expert staff can be very expensive. This is where AdAdmins comes in...

We help you with all of your important Google Ads & Facebook Ads tasks that take up a lot of your time, or your team's time.

This means that you've more time to focus on the things that really matter.

AdAdmins is not here to replace your digital marketing team, we are here to offer additional help.

We'll complete those paid ad related tasks that you know will improve performance but have been just too busy to get to.

AdAdmins will save you time and money while also helping you with your goal of increasing revenue.

In a nutshell, if something needs doing, we will get it done.



  • Busy Marketing Manager: If you often know what needs done but just don't have the time to do it then this service is likely for you (it's a lot more cost effective than using an agency)
  • Overworked PPC Specialist: Do you already have somebody looking after your Google or Facebook Ads but they are just too busy?  Let us help.  They can tell us what they want done, and we will do it for them.
  • ​Interim Cover: It is very difficult to recruit Google & Facebook Ads professionals due to a huge increase in demand.  This service can help take the pressure off until you find a fulltime employee.
  • Holiday Cover: Who is going to put your ads live when your PPC manager is on a well deserved break?  
  • ​Agency Owner: Want to increase the services you offer to clients but don't have time to mess around with the clunky Google & Facebook Ads interface?  This service might just be for you..
  • ​Curious Business Owner: A business owner who would lke to 'dip their toe' in the water with Google or Facebook Ads and test a couple of our recipes to see what type of return they might get.


If you would like to work with AdAdmins simply choose a monthly plan, with no long term commitment, based on how much you think you'll need our help during the month.

Each task costs a specific number of points. Generally the more time consuming or complex a task is, the more points it requires.  

When you no longer have any points left, you can either purchase more or wait for your points to reset the following calender month. 

Due to the nature of the work we carry out, spaces are extremely limited as we only use highly-trained paid media professionals to complete tasks.  

The tasks mentioned below have been marked with a colour based on how many points they require.



As an example, the task name "Google Ads Keyword Research" requires 500 points and the task "Facebook Ads Competitor Analysis" requires 1000 points. 


Google Ads Sitelink Extensions
(500 POINTS)
Add up to 4 sitelink extensions to 5 campaigns or ad groups.   Adding sitelink extensions is a hugely important task but it is often neglected.  

Making sure these are done correctly can improve quality score and increase the size of your ad.

In a nutshell, this can help you increase the volume of clicks to your website while also reducing the cost-per-click.
Facebook Ads Campaign Creation(your content)
(500 POINTS)
Create a conversion focused Facebook Ads campaign with 1 ad set and up to 5 ads using images and copy that the client provides.
Google Ads Search Term Report
(500 POINTS)
We will send you a spreadsheet(with filters set up) that will show you which paid search terms you were showing for on Google's search engine results pages along with key metrics such as spend, impressions, ROAS and more.
Google Ads Keyword Research
(500 POINTS)
Provide report that shows up to 50 keywords that people are using to search online when looking for the products or services that you provide.   

We can even reverse engineer what keywords your competitors find important which will give help you understand how others are generating sales and leads online.
Facebook Ads Idea Generation
(500 POINTS)
 Advise on common Facebook Ad frameworks that normally generate positive results from a conversion perspective.
Facebook Account Audit
(500 POINTS)
Not getting enough sales or leads through Facebook?   Let us audit your account, find the problems, and tell you how to fix them.
Google Ads Brand Protection
(1000 POINTS)
Notice a competitor bidding on your company name?  We will set up a campaign that helps you dominate the search engine results page when people search for you online.

This helps prevent competitors stealing your customers just before they are about to buy from you.
Facebook Ads Competitor Analysis
(1000 POINTS)
Find 3 competitors currently advertising using Google Ads and provide a report on up to 5 ads from each competitor so that I can reverse engineer their Facebook Ads strategy.
Setup Google Smart Shopping Campaign
(1000 POINTS)
Set up Google Smart Shopping campaign using a a product feed from my website so that my provides can show on the Google Shopping results.

A Smart Shopping campaign can be a great entry point for businesses that wish to list their products on the Google Shopping results. 
Google Ads Data Studio Dashboard
(1000 POINTS)
Need a quick understanding of your Google Ads performance without going to the trouble of pouring through data in the Google Ads interface? 

We can create a custom Google Ads Data Studio dashboard that lets you check performance whenever you wishQuickly and easily.
Facebook Ads Key Insight Report
(1000 POINTS)
Produce report with top level Facebook Ads stats and provide 5 key insights that suggests ways to get more conversions.
Google Ads Search Term Audit 
(1500 POINTS)
Audit Google Ads account to find up to 50 search terms that are spending money but not converting.

We can either provide a report or add them as negative keywords so that you don't show for them.
Google Ads Monthly Report
(1500 POINTS)
Sick of spending hours creating a monthly report for Google Ads?  Let us take that off your hands.  

We can create a monthly report that includes all the key metrics you would get from a top agency. 
Google Dynamic Search Remarketing Campaign
(1500 POINTS)
Create a Google Ads campaign that dynamic targets people who previously visited by my website but did not convert.
Facebook Ads Copywriting
(1500 POINTS)
Write up to 300 words of compelling Facebook Ads content to promote a particular product or service
Facebook Ads Complete Ad Creation
(2000 POINTS)
Source 3 images and write up to 500 words of content and create a Facebook Ads campaign with 1 ad set with 3 ads.
Google Shopping Keyword Harvesting
(2000 POINTS)
By analysing Google Shopping search term data you can often find some golden nuggets that can be targeted via more traditional search(text based) ads. 

This task involves analysing Google Shopping search term data for 5 search terms that are not being targeted via Search Campaigns.  

Use the 5 search terms to create new up to 5 single keyword ad groups with 2 ads in each ad group.  

This allows you to dominate both Google Shopping and Google Search Ads with high converting keywords.

Take that competitors!

Facebook Inventory Driven Ad Campaign
(2000 POINTS)
If you have a website with 1000s of products, we can create an inventory driven ad campaign that allows you to market 1000s of products to your target audience. 

Hint: These campaigns are often hugely successful.
Not on the list
Need something done you don't see on the list. 

Raise a ticket, we'll quote how many points it will use, and either confirm you're happy for us to proceed or not.


Billed monthly, cancel anytime.
  • 1000 Points
    (up to 2 tasks per month)
  • Email Support
  • Ideal if you would like to test our service & need some extra help.
  • 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee
  • Google & Facebook Ads Tasks
Billed monthly, cancel anytime.
  • 3000 Points
    (up to 6 tasks per month)
  • Email Support
  • Excellent choice from ambitious businesses looking to grow.
  • 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee
  • Google & Facebook Ads Tasks
Billed monthly, cancel anytime.
  • 7000 Points
    (up to 14 tasks per month)
  • Email Support
  • Perfect for slightly larger businesses and agencies.
  • 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee
  • Google & Facebook Ads Tasks
  • 7000+ Points
    (you tell us)
  • Custom Support Packages
  • Need more?  Get a custom package.
  • 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee
  • Google & Facebook Ads Tasks

Due to the nature of the work we carry out, spaces are extremely limited as we only use highly-trained professionals to engage with tasks.   If you would like to work with us, please register your interest below.  


Here's all the tasks we can take care of if you opt for the Small/Medium Business package @ £249...

  • Google Ads idea generation: A report on how to take your Google Ads account to the next level.
  • 3 Facebook Ads image enhancements: This will help increase the chances that people will respond to your Facebook Ads.
  • 50 carefully researched keyword ideas for Google Ads: Using SEMrush and other industry tools, we will provide you with 50 new keywords to target.
  • ​Add 20 sitelink extentions to up 5 Google Ads campaigns: This will help your ads stand out on the search engine result pages & could reduce cost per click.
  • Google Smart Shopping Campaign Setup: Want to test Google Shopping ads?  A Smart Shopping camapign is a fantastic place to start.


Facebook Video Ad
(1000 POINTS)
Create Facebook video ad with handpicked and modified stock footage (no filiming required) that our specialist team sources. 

We can also weave your own images into the video to make it even more relevant.

The ad will be focused on grabbing your audience's attention and stopping them in their tracks while they scroll through Facebook.

Each video will be up to 20 seconds long and can contain music if you wish.
Dynamic Google Ads Campaign (Conversion Focused)
(2000 POINTS)
This is potentially one of the best value tasks you will ever get done.

We will set up a a campaign that uses Google's machine learning algorithm to automatically create ads, focused on conversions, when people are searching online for your offering. 

We can advise if this campaign is right for your business and set it all up for you.

Facebook Ad Image Enhancement
(500 POINTS)
AdAdmins knows how to add subtle elements to your ads to help them stand out online.  Got a selection of images you would like enhanced? 

Send them to us and we will make sure they pop our the screen and capture you audience's attention. 

This task provides up to 3 image enhancements.
Google Display Ad Setup
(1500 POINTS)
Set up a Google Display Ad campaign using up to 5 of your images within a maximum of 5 ad groups.  

We can target audiences based on the options available within Google Ads. 

Popular choices including targeting people based on how they search on Google or how they previously interacted with your website (remarketing). 
Google Product Specific Ads
(2000 POINTS)
Create product specific ads campaign for up to 5 products that focuses on targeting people who are just about to buy online.  
Google Ads Callout Extensions
(500 POINTS)
Add up to 4 Callout extensions to 5 campaigns or ad groups.   Callout extensions allow you to add up to 25 additional characters to your ads.  

People use them to call out key selling points in relation to your business. 

Popular examples include 'Free Delivery'  'Price Promise' etc.
Google Ads Idea Generation
(500 POINTS)
Looking for an idea of which tasks might help take your Google Ads account to the next level?  

Let use our teams extensive experience to provide some insight into how you can utilise AdAdmins to increase leads and/or sales.
If there's tasks that you think should be here, get in touch and we will do our best to accomodate.  

100% 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
We are so confident that you will love this service which is why we offer a 30 day 100% money-back guarantee. 

If you're not happy and we can't fix it.  Simply contact us within 30 days of your initial sign-up and we will refund you.

Our Process

We make sure tasks are completed to the highest standard so you can get on with the day job...

Select your task

Tell us what you need done and we will get back to you with a quick questionnaire. 

We carry out the task

One of our Google or Facebook Ads experts will create your task.

Quality check

Another member of our team checks to make sure it meets our quality standards.


We then show you what has been completed and you sign-off the work.  

Get Started

Enter your email name and email address to fast track your way to better online advertising results.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who carries out these tasks?
These tasks are carried out by trained Google & Facebook Ads professionals and are double checked by a colleague to ensure quality. 
I can't see what I need done on your list of tasks, can you suggest a custom tasks?
We are happy to try and accomodate with whatever tasks you have in mind but it must be related to Google or Facebook Ads.  Contact us to suggest a task.
Can you help me with general advice and strategy?
There are specific tasks that you can use if you require general advice and strategy help.  Don't see the task there?  Contact us and we will do our best to accommodate. 
Couldn't I just use a freelancer for this type of work?
That is an option that works for some businesses but you can rest assured that everyone who works for AdAdmins is vetted and carries out tasks to the highest standards.  Due to the processes we have in place, we are often more cost-effective than a freelancer. 
What are the benefits of AdAdmins vs using a full service digital marketing agency?
 We help people who know what they want done but just don't have the time to do it themselves. At the moment the only solution to this is to hire or use an agency. AdAdmins is far most cost-effective for many businesses. You could test both and see what works best...
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